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Reviews and Testimonals

Endorsement from Dr Gary Couanis, MBBS FRACGP FACSP Grad DipSM. May 2014

dr-gary-couanis-29-may-2014.jpgHe comments... "I congratulate you on such an innovative design that focuses on improving the safety and comfort of hair salon clients.

Degeneration of the small facet joints in the neck are a common cause of neck pain and can be greatly exacerbated by extension of the cervical spine".

"A considerable challenge to injury prevention is that everybody has slightly different spinal anatomy and pattern of movement. There can therefore be great variability to the type of movement and neck position that will stir up pain. This is particularly the case when joint damage is already present. What is most impressive therefore is the adjustability of the HeadBed for alteration of the clients position posture according to comfort".

By supporting the head in the awkward and unaccustomed positions that client's are asked to sustain for an extended period of time is likely to be extremely helpful in reducing the risk of discomfort, the risk of pain and the risk of long term injury or worsening of a pre-existing condition.


My clients love the HeadBed, no more complaints about aching necks, ...They love it which makes me love it even more! So happy I found & purchased one, every salon needs it, all my clients have been asking for treatments just so they can sit at the basin for a bit longer. A massive Thankyou from Crowthorne in England! xx Jessica Parker. 3 June, 2014 via Facebook.


Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to tell you how much my clients love the HeadBed. I admit that I was a bit hesitant due to the cost, but now I am so happy that I invested in your product. It makes a huge difference in their comfort. Thank you so much for providing this product to my industry. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.


Kathleen Davin, Ohio, USA.  10 Oct 2014

BestHead for Hair, Peter Best comments "Cathy, my clients love the HeadBeds and they fit perfectly on my salons sinks - thank you, happy clients makes happy Peter". July, 2014


Scissor Art Hair, Fremantle says 'Thank you, thank you!. The HeadBed is an excellent, cost effective retrofit solution! We are very happy because our clients are now very happy and comfortable at the wash basin. Our regulars want to know when we bought new sinks!!!

Our wash basins were so uncomfortable our clients dreaded it and we were heading down the track of spending $1,000's of dollars replacing them. All fixed now for a fraction of the cost. July 2013


The HeadBed is AMAZING! NO LEAKAGE!! Yes, it's true. Everytime I have my hair washed, and I am a regular 6 week's gal at the hair salon, I get a wet neck and come away from the sink with a damp top. Apart from the HeadBed being totally comfortable, I was dry today! Woo Hooo - 100% thumbs up. Kelly Fitzpatrick, Adelaide, SA, 5 August 2013.


'Shirley, a hairdresser of 29 years experience and an ex Perth TAFE Hairdressing lecturer had been using HeadBed model 1 for over a year.

She is thrilled with the new and improved HeadBed. It is so much better and my clients love it. I liked the first one, but Version 2... "I would never be without a HeadBed at my basins now, ever". August 2013.

Jason from Hair Outaquin says "Brilliant". HeadBeds are now on all 5 sinks, it solves our problem of very uncomfortable sinks. July 2013

Brilliant Idea

John Lipari, hairdressing expert with 15 years’ experience with a Leading Brand company says… “The HeadBed, what a brilliant idea! I highly encourage all salons to get one for their washbasins. It is a new product to the market that offers an immediate benefit to your clients' comfort at the washbasins. It obviously assists with hairdressers’ duty of care and OHS issues”.

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Medical Reviews

"As a General Medical Practioner of 40 years’ experience, I can affirm that "Headaches" rank very highly on the list of common symptoms with which patients consult their General Practioner. In the majority of cases there is no serious underlying pathology. However, there is often a history of hyperextension of the neck - sometimes traumatic as in whiplash-type injuries or sporting accidents but sometimes related to more mundane activities such as working at a computer with poor posture or even having one's hair washed in a hairdresser's washbasin. HeadBed represents, in my opinion, an ingenious appliance that could play a crucial role in the prevention of headaches by restricting hyperextension of the neck over the hairdresser's basin. It should be promoted as an indispensable piece of equipment in every Hairdressing Salon."

Dr Serge Toussaint West Leederville, Perth, Australia

"As an ex-lecturer with a PhD in Anatomy, I am very aware of issues of possible neck injury at the sink! This feels much better, good support. Who designed this? Very ingenious. Simple and clever. How enterprising! Didn’t feel any discomfort with the HeadBed on at all. Great idea." Score 9/10.

Ruth - Circles, Subiaco

What people are saying about the HeadBed


"I dread having my hair washed because I have suffered whiplash, but today with the HeadBed I was not begging to get out of the sink - totally loved it. I live in London, can I buy one and take it home?" Score 10/10. Michelle - Circles, Subiaco.

Thelma has had neck issues for years. She trialled the HeadBed on and off the sink, and said the difference was Black and White. "Wow, it was very supportive and felt so much better for my neck. The neck did not get tense as it would normally do”. Score 9/10. Thelma - Cheveux, Applecross

"Jane suffers from migraines and neck issues, yet loves coming to the hairdresser. Her reaction today was incredible. "Wow! Heaven! Fabulous! Feels amazing! Stable. Well done, someone has finally invented something that works! Why did it take so long?" Score 10/10. Jane - Circles, Subiaco

Pauline says she just loves to have her hair washed and be pampered at the sink. "Wow, the neck support really helps, I just relaxed and enjoyed my treatment so much more today!" Score 9/10. Pauline - Hair Loom, Osborne Park

Bec suffers from a sore /bruised neck when she has her hair washed. "I find it unpleasant at the sink. Trialling the HeadBed today I found it was supportive - No strain, no pain. I actually chilled out today, thank you" Score 11/10. Bec - Serene Hair, Carlisle


"The HeadBed is great for the client, she is relaxed and I can now do a great massage knowing that my client is happy. The head does not move, so it is easier for me to do my wash and rinse." Ryan, Hair Stylist - Circles, Subiaco

"It makes it easier for me to do a treatment on a clients hair, and I can put more downward pressure on the head. You can easily see that the clients head is supported and they relax." Sam - Cheveux, Applecross